Linear motors

High force density

Force density is up to 30 - 50% higher in comparison to our competitors.

Low cogging

UNIMOTION Linear motors boast themselves with a very low cogging.

High and low speed

High speed motors offer a nearly 230 % increase in maximum velocity compared to low speed.

Hall sensor

Free wake & shake

Innovative design of a Hall sensor enables a free wake & shake feature.

AD Hall Sensor

Universal Hall Sensor with an Analog and Digital output.

Online sizing tool

Online sizing tool

A sophisticated sizing tool provides you with a solution in only a few minutes.

Endless Configuration

Configuration tool

The Linear motor system can be configurated trough the Easy to use, Step-by-Step configuration tool.

3D model generation

The integrated 3D generation solution allows instant preview and download of the configurated system in more than 50 formats.

Online ordering

The configured Linear motor sistem can be easely purchased trough the UNIMOTION online shop.

Linear motors

Linear motor sizes

UNIMOTION provides 11 different sizes of linear motors all in high and low speed versions.

Multiple combination

All UNIMOTION Linear motors can be combined with the standard or high-performance magnet plates.

Magnet plates

Magnet plate sizes

UNIMOTION provides multiple different sizes of magnet plates for various mounting combinations.

High performance

High performance magnet plates offer an increase of maximum force up to 11% compared to standard plates.

Linear motors specifications

Force Up to 5419 N
Velocity Up to 30,8 m/s
Max. coil temperature Up to 125 °C
Low installation height 32,5 and 33,5 mm
Power and sensor cables Unitronic cables suitable for the cable chains
Hall sensor Innovative AD Hall sensor design
Centering rings For easy mounting

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